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AdvisorBob© (Advisor Book of Business) is a revolutionary financial advisor software application that allows firms to move away from legacy products by using a solution that tracks costs, expenses, goals, and financial ratios for each of their advisors.

AdvisorBOB Updates


Interactive user interface that provides entire firm overview or individual advisor overview. Provides net revenue, ticket charges, and total accounts. Shows a trailing 12 month graph with adjusted payout and net payout. Provides a comparison between current month vs previous month net revenue, ticket charge, and expenses.

Fee Details

Advisors and administrators can view each line item affecting total commission payment on a line-by-line basis showing the gross fee, advisor splits, admin or program fees, and payout percentages resulting in a net amount. AdvisorBOB is the only software that can aggregate commissions from any number of vendors into one table that can be sorted to view all items paid to an advisor in any month, quarter, or year.

Financial Plans

AdvisorBOB will keep track of all one-time and recurring consulting agreements or financial plans charged by members of your firm. Administrators can keep records of each plan payment and store plan information as part of this all-in-one payment software. The ability to customize a payout percentage for Financial Plans and collect a percentage of the fee for credit card processing will alleviate the stress of keeping track of money coming into your RIA and ensure it is paid out correctly.


If your RIA charges advisors for services outside of their standard payout percentage (desk fees, virtual admin services, marketing) the Adjustments feature allows you to add a one-off or recurring expense to an advisor’s commission. Adjustments can be used for expense or credit items.


The Administrators of your RIA will have access to the “heart” of AdvisorBOB where you can easily change any Advisor’s payout percentage, add manager overrides, send announcements to all users, and most importantly, import transaction data from vendors each pay cycle. The Admin users will also have access to special reports not visible to the standard user.


Do you know which of your advisors are the most valuable to your firm? With the click of a button administrators can run a report to see their profitability on each individual advisor or the firm as a whole, total net payouts by rep ID or Vendor for any pay cycle, ticket charges, and more. Reports can be customized to fit your firms needs. With the built-in reports and the ability to export details for every commission item, reporting has never been easier.

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James Spinelli
Founder & CEO
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Jim Connor
Development Manager
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Colton Pence
Project Manager
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