Advisor Compensation Software

AdvisorBob© (Advisor Book of Business) is a revolutionary financial advisor software application that allows firms to move away from legacy products by using a solution that tracks costs, expenses, goals, and financial ratios for each of their advisors.

Awesome Features

A fully customizable commission solution built specifically for financial advisors. It’s that simple.

Easy to Use

A clean user interface, sophisticated dashboard, and multiple reporting options built for the everyday advisor.

Fully customizable

AdvisorBob© can handle any size firm, small to large, and is fully customizable based on your needs.

Understand your value

AdvisorBob© reviews your trailing 12 months of advisory fees and helps you calculate a value based on your book of business.

Built for Firms of All Sizes

Increase your Company's Revenue

AdvisorBob© was originally built for firms looking to securely outsource their advisory fee payouts, including investments, insurance, financial planning, and fee-based 401ks. Due to the high demand and number of different payout scenarios we have been able to scale our offering and include additional functionality.

One of the first RIA software systems to include custom transactional importing from multiple sources. Fully supports multiple Rep ID splits, payout adjustments, firm level overrides, admin/program fees for money management firms, and a valuation report.

More Features

AdvisorBob© has many features available to financial advisors in addition to just properly calculating your advisory fees.

Money Management Firms

Are you looking to create a money management arm of your RIA? Easily create a payout schedule based on your Firm ID and charge a program fee to the advisors who utilize it.

Split Compensation

Easily split fees between advisors no matter what custodian or account class.

Manager Overrides

Should a manager override be calculated for an office, or specific advisor? Easily enter the appropriate percentage and never worry about missing a payment.

Solicitor Payouts

Do you have a solicitation arrangement in place? Assuming you are approved for solicitation within your state, AdvisorBob© creates a unique login for the individual to track they are being paid appropriately.