Financial Plans

AdvisorBOB is proud to announce a new functionality available to its users. Our newest update features the Financial Plans tab. This application allows advisors to charge clients directly for financial planning services. Advisors can charge clients a one-time fee or on a recurring basis.

For tracking purposes, AdvisorBOB has a section that catalogs all an advisor’s active and in-active financial plans. Our financial plans tab will also display to the advisor what plans are set up to pay in the future and which plans have paid in the past.

If a recurring payment plan is selected, it can be set to an active status or on hold status. The frequency of this payment plan can also be customized to monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual. AdvisorBOB logs whether the payment is processed through check, credit card, or an ACH transfer so the advisor knows which payment to look out for.

AdvisorBOB provides advisors with a custom financial plans report.

Financial plan report that is available to advisors and admins

This report displays the pay cycle that the financial plan paid in, along with a hyper linked financial plan account number. An advisor can simply click the plan account number to view all in the information associated with the plan (see image below for hyperlink info). The report also displays the frequency of the plan fee, the associated account name, associated firm ID, the rep ID the fee will hit, and the fee amount.

Financial plan info provided from hyperlink

To learn more about the AdvisorBOB Financial Plans feature or any other AdvisorBOB features, do not hesitate to contact me at

Colton Pence
Colton Pence