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Administrator view of creating a new adjustment

Registered Investment Advisories must deal with advisor adjustments (debits / credits) all the time. Whether the RIA is charging the advisor monthly fees such as rent, tech fees, and marketing fees or simply looking to do a one-off correction for a trade error or tax refund. The adjustment process can become extremely time consuming and a compensation nightmare. Adjustment reconciliation is a hassle when having to search through large excel data sheets.

Our newest update, the Adjustment tab aims to completely alleviate the pain of compensation adjustments. This application allows RIA’s to create one-time, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual expenses per a specific Rep ID. AdvisorBOB’s adjustment tab also has the capability to import an excel file to create new expenses on a firm wide level. Once the expense is created, the administrator has the capability to view and edit the previous expense. Administrators also have the capability to set expenses to “Active” or “In-Active”. On the advisor side, the advisor will have their adjustments or expenses displayed within their fee details along with a description about the adjustment. Advisors can view a custom adjustment report that can be sorted by any month, quarter, or year.

Advisor adjustment report view

Simply put, AdvisorBOB’s new adjustment tab completely streamlines a registered investment advisories adjustments and expenses that are allocated to advisors. We provide the advisor with transparent adjustments while allowing the RIA a more concise way of paying and reconciling.

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Colton Pence
Colton Pence