Coming Soon

401k Tab: This feature will provide a place for all 401k account and disbursement details to be logged. RIA payouts after payout percentages and advisor splits to be shown, and aggregated with all other RIA fees paid to advisors. With a multitude of different 401k plans sponsors and payment methods keeping track of what plans have been paid, market value at time of payment, fee amount, and advisors associated with the plan is almost impossible to keep track of. AdvisorBOB will be the solution to storing this data to make reconciling retirement advisor 401k plans simple and efficient.

BOB Value: Each advisor will have a real-time BOB (Book of Business) Value that is updated every pay cycle displayed on the Dashboard. This value will be available to advisors and will accurately estimate a value based on market rates for book purchases based on AUM, client age, product mix, and other metrics. This feature will allow advisors to watch their business’s value grow throughout the year and provide a baseline for potential sale when nearing retirement age.

Colton Pence