March 2020 Updates

Info Boxes:
Per request, AdvisorBOB has implemented information boxes on the Leveled Payout by Pay Cycle Report. A user can hover over the information icon to view more information regarding the data. We plan to implement these icons throughout the site to provide a better user experience and hopefully decrease platform questions to admins.

Advisory Fees Report:
The Advisory Fees Report has a new functionality. Now, when utilizing the Advisory Fees Report, a new column labeled “Adjustments” will appear. This column will populate any general and standard adjustments along with RIA adjustments associated with the class, rep ID, or vendor.

Rep ID Change Report:
This new report allows users to view the total difference in their commissions for the previous month, and previous prior month if they received a new payout %.

Custodian Account Purge:
A “Purge” button has been added to the custodian accounts tab. If this button is selected, all accounts will be deleted or “purged”. This button is only available to administrators and will give you a warning before continuing with the purging process.

Colton Pence
Colton Pence