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We understand that one-off compensation reconciliations can be time consuming and frustrating. Especially when you do not remember exactly what excel file the transaction in question belongs to.

To combat this issue, AdvisorBOB tracks all imports with a unique import ID. This allows administrators single click access to their import file. Within AdvisorBOB, the administrator can simply search the account in question in the fee details tab. Within fee details, the administrator would simply click the import ID number to populate more information.

View of fee details tab – import ID

Once the import ID is selected, AdvisorBOB’s transaction import details page will populate. This details page will provide the transaction import ID, description, date of import, and the vendor associated with the import.

View of transaction import detail page

From this transaction import details page, administrators can simply export the previous import and make the appropriate reconciliation adjustments.

Colton Pence
Colton Pence