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March 2020 Updates

Sub Firm Import Logic:AdvisorBOB has updated its back end import logic. We now populate the vendor name that is seen within fee details based on the account class from the program maintenance page. This means that when creating a new program, administrators will need to select a vendor that corresponds with the program from the ...
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Custodian – No Calculation

AdvisorBOB’s current “Custodian Tab” allows the user the ability to calculate account fees in order to bill clients whose assets are with a third-party custodian. The Custodian Tab stores all client accounts and fee data. The Custodian Tab has the ability to set up tiered pricing schedules along with house holding client accounts. Each quarter, ...
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Advisory Fees Report

The Advisory Fees Report in AdvisorBOB has been streamlined to enhance capabilities regarding deposit/payout reconciliation and analysis. The new Advisory Fees report is similar to our other reports through its functionality of allowing the user to select a single advisor or group of advisors with specific pay cycle combinations. This new reporting feature update includes ...
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Custodian Tab

AdvisorBOB’s custodian feature was built to assist registered investment advisories with calculating account fees for clients whose assets are with a third-party custodian. The “Custodian Tab” has three sub tabs that include “Accounts”, “Account Groups”, and “Fee Schedules”. The “Accounts” tab feature stores all client account information and fee data. Administrators have the option to ...
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Adjustment Fee to Primary Rep

Problem: Advisors were reaching out to the registered investment advisories compensation team looking for reconciliation on mysterious fees. It was found that advisors associated with split rep ID’s were being improperly billed with adjustments and admin fees that were supposed to be charged to the primary advisor of the split ID. Solution: AdvisorBOB created a ...
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Leveled Compensation

AdvisorBOB is proud to announce a new functionality available to its users. Our May update features the “Levelized Net Payout Report”. This application allows firms to give an in depth overview to the advisors of how their leveled compensation is being calculated. The Levelized Report provides the advisor with the direct deposit amount. This is ...
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Coming Soon

401k Tab: This feature will provide a place for all 401k account and disbursement details to be logged. RIA payouts after payout percentages and advisor splits to be shown, and aggregated with all other RIA fees paid to advisors. With a multitude of different 401k plans sponsors and payment methods keeping track of what plans ...
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Adjustments Tab

Registered Investment Advisories must deal with advisor adjustments (debits / credits) all the time. Whether the RIA is charging the advisor monthly fees such as rent, tech fees, and marketing fees or simply looking to do a one-off correction for a trade error or tax refund. The adjustment process can become extremely time consuming and ...
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Financial Plans

AdvisorBOB is proud to announce a new functionality available to its users. Our newest update features the Financial Plans tab. This application allows advisors to charge clients directly for financial planning services. Advisors can charge clients a one-time fee or on a recurring basis. For tracking purposes, AdvisorBOB has a section that catalogs all an ...
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